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How nicotine replacement can help

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Nicotine replacement therapy, also known as 'NRT', provides the nicotine your body is used to without exposing you to all the harmful chemicals and additives found in cigarettes.

Why use nicotine replacement therapy?

Many people struggle to quit completely without any help, because they crave nicotine and get withdrawal symptoms. NRT helps break the dependence on cigarettes, by offering low doses of nicotine. It works by helping to relieve your withdrawal symptoms while your body adapts to not smoking.

Studies have shown that using NRT increases the chances of quitting smoking long-term.

How does NRT work?

The low dose of nicotine in NRT products such as Nicabate help quell the symptoms of quitting. Introduced to your body through your skin (Patch) or the lining of your mouth (Gum  and Minis), the dose can be reduced gradually to wean you off the nicotine without a big shock to your system.

NRT can help you break free from your dependence while avoiding exposure to toxins - including tar - that have been linked to health problems. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions, and finding support during the quitting process may boost your chance of success.

NRT is available in different strengths of nicotine, depending on how many cigarettes you smoke a day.

What types of NRT are there?

You'll find three types of Nicabate in pharmacies and the health aisle of your supermarket:

Nicabate Patch - help prevent the urge to smoke all day long
Nicabate Gum - curbs cravings anytime, anywhere
Nicabate Minis - are a convenient way to relieve sudden cravings

Combining therapies may help those finding quitting particularly difficult. This involves wearing a 24-hour Nicabate Patch, and using Nicabate Gum 2mg or Minis 2mg at times of increased craving. Note: Do not use Nicabate Patches with Nicabate Gum 4mg or Nicabate Mini Lozenges 4mg.