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We all know that quitting smoking will improve our general health. But did you know it can give you healthier looks too?

Why smoking affects your looks

Smoking can make you look older, causing crow's feet, furrows above the lips and fine wrinkles on the cheeks. It can also lead to broken facial capillaries and a thinner, greyer look to the skin.

So when you knock it on the head, not only will you puff and cough a lot less and find food tastier, you'll also help your skin regain a clearer, brighter complexion.

How you'll feel better and look better

It's great that you've chosen to give up the cigarettes. In just three months here's how much difference it can make to your health and looks:

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If you've given up smoking for three months most of the hard work is done. Now, it's just down to how much you are determined to stay quit.

Good luck!