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Get support for quitting

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You might start to feel you're fighting your cigarette dependence on your own, because only you can quit. But remember, it's easier to quit with support and people love to help. And there are other ways to ease your journey too.

Seek support

Things don't always go to plan and you're sure to have difficult moments. Just remember that you're strong enough to beat it, and you can call on other people who can help you.

Install a 'panic button'

A panic button is about having a few people - be they friends, family or anyone you're in regular contact with - who are aware of your situation and are ready to help keep you on track.

The button itself could be anything you use regularly, such as your mobile phone, email account, Facebook page or face-to-face contact. Just choose the way you're most comfortable with, when asking people for help.

Get a Quit Mate

It's good to have a friend or colleague who's quitting too, so you can share your experiences and keep each other motivated. And your Quit Mate doesn't have to be a smoker. They could be quitting anything, such as chocolate, gambling or social media.

The important thing is that you're on a journey together, keeping each other motivated and on track.

Try replacing your nicotine

Studies have shown that nicotine replacement therapy greatly increases the chances of quitting smoking long-term. You'll find three types of Nicabate in pharmacies and the health aisle of your supermarket:

Some people prefer to go it alone, but most quitters benefit from having people on their side, helping them through the tough times. Just remember, these people will be happy you've decided to give up smoking, and will feel good about supporting you.