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Commit yourself to quitting

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It's a good idea to record your commitment to quit, giving you a constant reminder of why you want to give up and all the benefits it will bring.

Write down your pledge

Embarking on the journey to quit is like making a promise to yourself. People find it really helps to write that pledge down in a 'letter' to themselves, turning thoughts into a physical reminder, and helping to turn desire into reality.

This works because you’ll be recording your thoughts when your resolve is at its peak, you’ve had time to think about everything clearly, and you’re most sure about your decision. If you ever feel the need to smoke, you’ll be able to refer back to your own message and remember how strong you can be.

Video your pledge

Not a writer? Then video a selfie of yourself committing to quitting.

A video can feel even more personal than a letter, and it will remind you of how you looked at your strongest point, and how passionate you are about giving up.

Record your pledge

Recording an audio message can work too, and it's also easy to do on your smartphone. If it helps, write down your message first then read it out loud and record it to play back any time.

Own it and share it

Once you’re happy with your recorded promise, it’s up to you how you use it. You could keep it private and refer back to it whenever you want to, using it to keep you on track by reminding you what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Alternatively, for a little extra help, show your friends and even give them copies of your letter/video/recording. That way, if you’re struggling, they’ll be able to help you by stepping in and showing your pledge to you when you need them to.

Always remember, when you’ve made a promise to yourself that you’ll give up smoking, recording that promise could really help you keep it.