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Nicabate Combo Therapy

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Are you still having difficulties overcoming very strong cravings?

Combine two stop smoking aid products: Nicabate 21mg patches with either Minis 2mg or Gum 2mg 

  • You could increase your chances of quitting compared to using just one product1
  • Start with the Nicabate 21mg Patch and use at least four pieces of gum 2mg or minis 2mg.

Using two products, compared to just one, may help you reach your goal. The Nicabate 24 Hour Patch can help protect you from cravings around the clock. It provides continuous 24 hour nicotine protection to minimise cravings in the morning and all through the day. Minis 2mg and Gums 2mg  relieve your unexpected cravings as and when they occur.

Combo Therapy Revised V2

Please follow the instructions for Nicabate Combination Nicotine Replacement Therapy on the consumer medicine information leaflet inside the product pack before use.

Do not use Nicabate Gum 4mg or Nicabate Mini Lozenges 4mg together with Nicabate Patches.

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