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Nicabate® Oral Strips

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Nicabate® Oral Strips: Starts to relieve the urge to smoke in 50 seconds

  • The first and only nicotine oral strip that starts to relieve your urge to smoke in 50 seconds.
  • Nicabate Oral Strips dissolve on your tongue fast and release nicotine fast, all with a fresh, minty flavour.
  • Nicabate Oral Strips fully dissolve in approximately 3 minutes, providing quick, discreet relief when you need it.


  • Nicabate Oral Strips are an easy-to-use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) product, that can help you quit smoking. It is the first and only oral stop smoking aid strip available to help you stop smoking. It comes in a single strength (2.5mg) and is indicated for light smokers who smoke their first cigarette 30 minutes or more after waking. 
  • These strips are small, thin, mint-flavoured translucent films that dissolve in the mouth in approximately minutes, releasing nicotine. The strips provide fast, effective craving relief.


How to use: Put one film on your tongue, close your mouth and press your tongue gently to the roof of your mouth until the film dissolves (approximately 3 minutes).

  • 2.5mg Oral Strips – those who smoke their first cigarette 30 minutes or more after waking.

Step down program with Nicabate Oral Strips

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Initial treatment period

Step down treatment period

Step down treatment period

Weeks 1-6

Weeks 7-9

Weeks 9-12

1 Oral strip every 1 to 2hours  

1 Oral strip every 2 to 4 hours

1 Oral strip  every 4-8 hours 

Discover our latest 50 second innovation

Game to Quit is a 50 second game designed to take your mind off your cigarette cravings and help you quit. Brought to you by  Nicabate Oral Strips.

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